I Tried TikTok Dropshipping for 24 Hours (Insane Strategy)

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I tried tiktok dropshipping for 24 hours

Are you ready to make a profitable start in the world of online retail in 2023? Look no further, as this blog post will reveal the secrets behind a successful launch with the help of TikTok Ads. Within just 24 hours of launching a store using these ads, I made a profit. So, if you want to know what product made me money so fast, which website plugins skyrocketed sales and which strategies worked with TikTok Ads (hint: these aren't your typical tactics!), keep reading!

Step 1: Product

It all starts with our product - TheraCup, which was documented in an earlier video where we showed how to build your own store from scratch. Our sourcing cost was $5.65, but factoring shipping costs through CJ Drop Shipping (faster than old unreliable AliExpress) ended up costing $16.17 total


Step 2: Store

The store was set up using a free theme to keep costs low and included multiple variants of the product. To make the store more appealing, I added eye-catching visuals, some nifty pages, our Buy One Get One Fifty Percent Off Offer and customer reviews (to give customers peace of mind when making purchasing decisions). Additionally, a "sticky" add-to-cart button was added to ensure that customers won't miss the opportunity to make a purchase. But, don't be intimidated by the thought of setting up a store with multiple product variants and plugins. I've documented the whole process in my video, showing how I built everything from scratch. 

Step 3: Ad Creative

In this situation, I had just enough urgency that it allowed me (and forced me!) To take another's idea and use it as inspiration for my own. With the help of some catchy music and a few extra spices, we created a fantastic TikTok ad that was under 20 seconds - just perfect for our needs. The result? What was once intimidating becomes understandable (thanks to some clever creativity!)

Step 4: Ad Account

I set up a TikTok Ad account through the Shopify App Store, which allowed me to link directly to their website and set up payment information and tracking without going via personal TikTok profiles.


Step 5: The Launch

It's time to launch! I utilized a method called The Glitch, which I'm sure you've heard of. It first made its appearance in my video back in 2022 under the name "Surf Strategy", and it has proven itself as a highly profitable ad strategy that drives enormous amounts of traffic into stores for cheap. The trick is to set up one large budget with small daily spending limits to ensure maximum impact. When I increased the lifetime budget from $50 to $70, sales skyrocketed, and the ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) rate was a whopping 66.67%.

Here's the trick when launching a big ad campaign: set up one large budget with lots and lots of smaller daily spending limits. That way, when your Wendy's ads start running, they'll blow through that fifty-dollar lifetime budget quickly - but still, have enough money allocated to each individual AD Set to ensure it reaches users effectively.  It's like setting off fireworks in terms of traffic--you'll get a massive wave flooding into your store at cheap rates!

In conclusion, this blog post has shown how running TikTok Ads campaigns can be an effective way to grow a business's bottom line. Although setting up these campaigns can be time-consuming, the rewards speak for themselves, with nine purchases made through the ads in just one day. So, give it a try and take the first step towards success in the world of online retail!

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