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This Premium Package Includes...

 - 2 Engaging 30-45 second WINNING video ad

 - 5 PROVEN texts

 - 5 PROVEN headlines

 - 5 PROVEN thumbnails

 - Sized perfectly 1:1 for Instagram/Facebook feeds

 - Our Low Budget 2020 testing ad strategy PDF

High Quality, Quick Delivery! (1-3 Days)

The most affordable, high quality, and quick delivery ads you need for your drop shipping business. This ad creation agency owned and operated by multiple experienced expert Shopify drop shippers.

Why Use Our Services? 

 - Our trusted services guarantee you solid preforming ad creative structured specifically for you that come ready to test!

 - With our years of experience, we know what works and what doesn't when it comes to launching Facebook ads and starting a Shopify Dropshipping store. 

 - Place your order, and we will begin working on it immediately and you can expect it in 24 hours! Some cases can take up to 3 days.

 - We don't leave you hanging! With every purchase comes with our Low Budget 2020 testing ad strategy PDF to guide you when the creatives come in!

How It Works

 - Choose a package that best fits your business needs

 - Fill out our order submission form post purchase about your product and stores information

 - Sit and back, let us put together your ad creatives, and test our ad creatives right away using our 2020 ad strategy pdf and let us know your results!

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